Harin Jalli and The Global Chemical Industry

November 25, 2016
As acting president and founder of Sonerica Capital LLC, Harin Jalli has also developed many contacts around the world within the network of global chemical and energy professionals in order to remain current in the global chemical industry. He frequently uses his knowledge of the global chemistry industry to improve and benefit Sonerica Capital, LLC while also helping develop the industry itself. His education and over three decades of experience in senior management and leadership roles have assisted him in becoming the expert he is today in the global chemical and energy industry and he has always been brought great joy when he has been able to share the knowledge he has gained as well as further the industry at the same time.

Harin Jalli becomes renowned global chemicals speaker

May 13, 2016
Founder and president of Sonerica Capital LLC Harin Jalli has gained a prestigious reputation for his work within the global chemical and energy industries. With a vast network of field contacts gained in his 30 years of work, Jalli regularly participates alongside these esteemed colleagues at events and in networking activities. Additionally, Jalli often shares his expertise as a renowned global chemical speaker, frequently speaking or moderating world petrochemical conferences. This expert in the field -- who holds three Masters degrees in various fields of study -- proudly shares his experience and knowledge with others as he continues to thrive in the industry.